The studio Playdesign was founded in 2009. Process efficiency and quality as a work result have won confidence of our customers from different business areas. So far, already-existing famous and also new companies and brands have chosen Playdesign as an exclusive partner in the questions of brand development and maintenance, as well as image advertising.

Our thematic priorities include developing logos and corporate design, web-design, industrial and graphic design, and also image advertising.

We are based on customer’s step-by-step transit from a spontaneous advertising campaign to a systematic brand management: we create not just a logo but an entire identification system and usage tools. It enables us to avoid brand mutation and generates its growth. In our work we give priority to minimalism, pure design, and attention to details. The studio is located in Moscow but we cooperate with our customers from all over the world.

From 2009 to 2016 was used first studio logo, which later became the basis for the updated solution.

In 2015 the studio presented a new logo. Its meaningful minimalism, simplicity, and laconism reflect the principles of our work — we create the maximum from the minimum, and make simple but really beautiful and effective things.